When you move into your own home for the first time the bedroom is usually where you start personalizing. You may be wondering what does it take to turn this from a boy’s room into a men’s retreat. Here is a list of 12 things that Every Man Needs for His Bedroom.

A Full Length Mirror

Let’s face facts, you may be able to style your hair in a foggy bathroom mirror after you get out of the shower but everyone should have a full length mirror in their room. It helps to check that your shoes match your belt and to make sure you have no stray strings clinging on your pants. Not to mention any lady friends will certainly appreciate it when they are trying on half a dozen outfits before date night. A full length mirror is a sure fire way to show you care about your appearance every time you walk out the door.

Bed Frame

Long gone are the days of a mattress thrown a floor in your frat house hoping to just have something to keep you off the spilt beer that covers the floor. Elevated men deserve to be elevated off the floor (see what I did there?)Not only will this make your mattress last longer but it also is the centerpiece of your sanctuary and needs to be a reflection of your personality. Bed frames come in millions of shapes, sizes and colors so the possibilities are endless. Just don’t go with the bunk bed, I don’t care how much room it creates it isn’t worth it.

A Nightstand

Another piece of being a man and keeping your mattress off the floor is having other furniture in your room to match. A nightstand is multi-functional, you can keep your latest reading there, your bedside lamp, and a glass of water so when you wake up in the middle of the night super thirsty you are already prepared. Plus if you didn’t have a nightstand then all this would be sitting on the floor and how messy does that look?

Bedside Lamp

Gone are the days of sleeping with the glow of your phone being the only thing preventing you from stubbing your toe on your bed frame (you do have a bed frame right?) Now you can have a soft light on your nightstand (another thing you’ve had forever right?) You can turn on your bedside lamp do everything you need to do and get comfy under your covers before finally turning off your lamp. Or maybe it allows you to sneak in that extra hour of reading before bed time while still getting your body ready for sleep. Either way a bedside lamp shows that you are a man who understands his routines and how to make them as efficient as possible.

Alarm Clock

Just about everyone has 15 separate alarms set on their phone in 5 minute intervals so they can dismiss the first 11 and then groggily get out of bed as the last one alerts you to get your butt moving. Just invest in an alarm clock, and put it across the room. That way when it goes off you get out of bed making it all the more likely for you to start your day when you intended.

A Stack of Books

I like watching netflix before bed as much as the next guy. Let’s be honest here though, you’re reading this because you want to improve your life not just pass time. One of the best ways to continue your journey for personal development is to ask your friends and family for book recommendations. I have a rule of thumb if more than one person recommends a book then I will buy it. Therefore I have a never-ending stack of books to be read and a constant source of knowledge waiting to be consumed.

Pictures of Loved Ones

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and there wasn’t a single picture of any friends, family or significant others? It automatically makes the house feel cold and unwelcoming. Not only that, you may begin to wonder what is wrong with this person that they have no pictures. So download some pictures off your Instagram and get them framed. Even just one or two pictures on your desk says “Hey Look at me I’m not a serial killer and I have social proof!”


Now obviously it would be a little weird if your walls were plastered with your girlfriends face. So we need some artwork to hang on the walls besides our pictures of loved ones. This is a time to show off your artistic side. This doesn’t mean pictures of your favorite video game characters or posters from Spencers. This means investing in some art that means something to you. Let your personality shine through.

Matching Sheets

Long gone are the days of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bed sheets. We need to up our game with some something a little bit more classic. Try to find bed sheets that match the aesthetic of your room. I personally like to keep whites and greys for my bed sheets but you may enjoy a splash of color if it suits you. Either way, just make sure they match.

Wireless Speakers

There’s nothing like hanging out in your room listening to your favorite music or audio book while you clean or do some writing. Invest in some wireless speakers that you can stream from your phone. For expert level points you can sync up your alarm to play some relaxing music in the morning to get you out of bed rather than a jolting buzzer.


If you aren’t living in a dungeon it is nice to have some blinds covering your windows. I prefer blackout blinds that block the sunlight for those lazy mornings in bed. Either way you are going to want something to block out some sunlight and give yourself some privacy in one of the most intimate rooms in your home.

Something Living

When you walk into someone’s home and you see that they have plants all over the place it not only gives off a feeling of freshness but also lets you know that they take care of their place. If you are able to keep something alive it means you must be doing something right. The easier things are plants and fish. I suggest a small plant for your bedroom it will also help keep the air smelling fresh.

There you have it, 12 things every man needs in his bedroom. How many of these do you have in your bedroom? Let me know in the comments below if you agree or disagree!