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Whether it is hanging a picture frame or repairing a hole in drywall, there are some basic tools that every man needs. Investing in good quality tools often lead to them lasting longer and getting more jobs done. Many of the tools I personally have actually were hand-me-downs from my father. Not only are these tools still holding strong but they are also sentimental with fond memories of working with my dad. Here is my list of 10 tools that every man needs.

1. Screwdriver Set

I can’t tell you how many times I have had to grab a screwdriver to either put something together or take it apart. A good screwdriver set is worth its weight in gold. Having various lengths and sizes ensures that you always have appropriate leverage and prevents slipping. Slipping is what happens when you use the wrong size screwdriver and stripping the screw. I prefer having the magnetic tipped screwdrivers in case a screw falls somewhere and you need to pull it out. This is the actual set that I got when I moved into my first home and have used dozens of times.

2. Claw Hammer

Whether you need to pull out a nail, drive one home or apply some percussive maintenance to a particularly difficult problem, a claw hammer is one of the tools every man needs. When buying your hammer make sure it feels comfortable in your hand. Heavier isn’t necessarily better, sometimes you will be swinging it a lot. Also it is a lot easier to drive a nail home with a hammer then it is using something else as a hammer. Don’t be caught without one.

3. Tape Measure

Long gone are the days of using a yardstick like you are back in elementary school. Trying to figure out if that sheet of plywood will fit in your SUV? Sounds like tape measure time! Need to figure out how much paint you need? Length times width is a lot easier if you can measure the whole wall at once! Also there is nothing more satisfying than being able to throw a tape measure roughly the length that you need.

4. Utility Knife

Utility knives are one of the most versatile tools you can have. Need to score some drywall? Check. Need to strip a wire? Check. Need to cut back your carpet? Check. Need to cut the crust off your sandwich because everyone knows that’s the worst part? Quadruple check. I recommend getting a utility knife that has blade storage because your blade is always dull at the worst possible time.

5. Adjustable Wrench

When things move and they aren’t supposed to it can be incredibly frustrating. So check for nuts and tighten them down with your adjustable wrench. Also makes getting a grip on tricky bolts a little easier by adjusting the wrench to the right size.

6. Allen Wrench Set

If you plan on buying furniture, odds are you are going to need an Allen Wrench to assemble it. It is always helpful to have extra on hand for that one day when you need to tighten something and the original Allen Wrench is nowhere to be found. This design by Stanley keeps everything compact and ready to go when needed.

7. Ladder

Sometimes things are just out of reach, or it is at an awkward angle that you can’t quiet reach around. That is where having a decent ladder comes in to play. Don’t be a fool stacking a stool on top of a table to get the job done. Do it right and be safe. Little Giant that is linked above makes some great compact systems. This one in particular can range from a 5’1″ A frame ladder to a 9’1″ A frame. If you need it fully extended you can go all the way to 19′. That is sure to be enough to get 95% of household tasks done.

8. Cordless Drill

When you need to drive a screw through a joist, or just don’t feel like the manual labor of a screwdriver, a cordless drill is your friend. Look for something lightweight with a long battery life if you plan on doing any serious work. I prefer DeWalt for all my cordless tools. If you are building a tool chest for the first time I suggest sticking to one brand so your batteries are interchangeable.

9. Flashlight

When your breaker trips and your power goes out you are going to need a flashlight to figure out which one you need to flip back on. Not only that but things like attics and crawlspaces can be tricky without the proper light source. I have several flashlights scattered throughout my house just in case I need to grab one in a hurry. I also prefer waterproof flashlights in case I need to go outside in the rain.

10. ShopVac

There is nothing more satisfying than having a mess of tiny particles and sucking them all up in less than a minute. A powerful ShopVac makes clean up a breeze. When I bought my house there were popcorn ceilings throughout. After we scrapped all of the ceilings there was a fine dusting of our work on every surface. In just a few hours the house went from looking like a demolition scene to sparkly new thanks to my ShopVac. Also vacuums can be sensitive with what they suck up. ShopVac’s do not care at all. Wet, Dry, Hair, Debris, Rocks. As long as the motor is strong enough than it will be taken care. Not to mention I find it immensely satisfying.

Tools Every Man Needs: In Conclusion

There you have it, our top 10 list of tools that every man should have in their house. Whether you are a weekend warrior or just making sure you are prepared this list will suit you well. There are many tools out there but you can get most of them as the jobs require it. This will get you through the basics.

Leave a comment below with your most used tools. I’m curious if you find any brands produce better quality than others.