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Whether you are looking to cook for a special someone or be able to recreate a meal you saw on the Food Network, there are some basic kitchen essentials. This list isn’t those items, these are the kitchen gadgets that will elevate your culinary experience to the next level. Here is our list of our top 10 must have men’s kitchen gadgets.

10. Handheld Food Smoker

If you are looking to add a smoky flavor to your favorite dish or drink, the handheld smoker comes in handy. Whether you are dealing with your protein of choice or want to add to the flavor profile of your Manhattan, you can’t go wrong with a handheld food smoker. The Breville model featured above has a chamber for wood chips so you can choose your smoke profile as well.

9. Espresso Maker

Why would you want to be limited to only drinking coffee? Fear not as the De’Longhi has you covered. Being able to pull your own espresso using freshly ground beans or make up to 10 cups of coffee can be life changing. I prefer to start my morning with an espresso and bring my coffee to work. Even though this model is more expensive than some traditional coffee makers, it is worth the expense.

8. Mandoline Slicer

If you are looking to get nice even slices of you favorite fruits or cheeses, you need a solid mandoline. This makes party hosting a breeze when you are preparing your hors d’oeuvres. You can impress all your guests with your even cuts and even experiment with some plating designs!

7. Sous Vide

If you’re looking to have some of the most tender meat you have ever had, you need to get a Sous Vide. It has been used by chef’s for years but has never been more accessible. With smart-phone apps being connected to your device the process is virtually fool-proof. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

6. Electric Knife Sharpener

When it comes to cooking, a sharp knife is king. And even your most well made knives need to be sharpened. Rather than trying to find the proper angle with a sharpening stone, try an electric knife sharpener. They take all the fuss out of the process and make it painless. Soon you will have knives that cleanly slice through tomatoes. This is definitely one of the best men’s kitchen gadgets.

5. Cutting Board with Groove

It is always best to have separate cutting boards for meats and produce. So if you are going to differentiate than you should have a cutting board with a groove. This allows all the juice from your protein source to stop dripping on to the counter. You can also save it for making your gravy when you are done. I prefer a big heavy wooden cutting board but that is just my preference.

4. Burger Press

If you want to take your burgers to the next level you need to try a burger press. Want a cheeseburger? Try putting the cheese inside of the meat this time. Like it spicy? Looks like I’m stuffing this one with some jalapenos. The options are endless and you can quickly impress all your friends at your next barbecue.

3. Spiralizer

Now and then we need to face the music that we can’t live off of carbs and protein. We need some vegetables in our life. This is where a spiralizer can come in clutch. You can take your favorite pasta dish and replace the pasta with squash or zucchini and get a healthier version of the dish. It is perfect when on a diet but still looking for a good hearty meal.

2. Panini Press

If you are looking to take your lunch game to the next level then you need a panini press in your life. These things are game changers. Take your normal turkey and cheese sandwich and turn it into a warm, delectable infusion of flavor. Forget Panera, it is time to start making mouth-watering sandwiches at your own home.

1. Crepe Maker

Last but not least, we have our crepe maker. Crepes are one of my favorite breakfast foods. However, they also make great snacks, desserts or even another meal! Crepes are super versatile and can be sweet or savory depending on what you add to them. The best part about owning a crepe maker is that you can also use it for other things like pancakes, blintzes, fried eggs and so much more. A crepe maker is one of the most versatile men’s kitchen gadgets.

Men’s Kitchen Gadgets in Conclusion

There you have it, our top 10 men’s kitchen gadgets. These are all tools that will see use in your kitchen if you spend enough time there. Let me know what you think in the comments below of any other useful tools that you have in your kitchen.

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