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69% of Americans say they have purchased an item online. With more people buying things online than ever before, it is important that we look at how we can save money. It is super easy to just click ‘Check Out’ when these retailers store your debit or credit card. This can lead to massive overspending if we are not conscious in the decisions that we are making. So today we are going to look at how you can save money on everything when shopping online.

Third Party Apps

Thankfully there are tons of third party apps that are out there to help you save money by shopping online. Some are specific to the genre and others use crawling data to see if items are cheaper elsewhere. One of my favorites is Honey which acts as either a browser extension or app on your device to help you save money when shopping. Whether it is automatically applying coupons or browsing the internet for better deals, Honey helps you save money where it can.

Another one that I like to use before I purchase anything on Amazon is CamelCamelCamel. The way this site works is by using historical data of items on Amazon to ensure that you are getting the best price possible. Have you ever wondered whether some of these ‘sales’ are really sales? That’s where CamelCamelCamel comes into play. I use this before making major purchases of on sale items. Often the prices rose right before the sale so the deal you are getting wasn’t as great as you once thought it was.

The last one that I use most frequently is Wikibuy. Wikibuy compares items from one online retailer to the prices that are advertised on another. This can be especially useful for places like Amazon and Walmart to ensure that you are getting the best price. It’s no wonder that Forbes and USA Today have written about this great platform.

Credit Card Rewards

Credit cards seem to the boogeyman to some people. They are a tool like anything else to be used efficiently or detrimentally. You wouldn’t get mad at the hammer when you hit your thumb, so why get mad at credit cards when they are abused?

Credit cards often incentivize their usage by offering either points or rewards for purchases that you make. When I am shopping on Amazon I always use my Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card where I get 5% cash back on all my purchases. I have a lot of my household needs set on automatic delivery. With this 5% cashback it is like a never ending coupon on the grocery store in addition to Amazon’s subscribe and save benefits.

Whether you are looking to update your room or buy a new watch, you might as well get some cashback for the purchase that you are making. There are other credit cards that you can use on travel, groceries or even department stores. If you are going to be spending money you may as well be getting paid for it. Just remember when using credit cards it is important to pay them off in full so we avoid any unnecessary interest.

The Best Shopping Hack

There are a few shopping hacks that I use to make sure I secure the best deal when I am shopping online. You can use any of these hacks individual or combine them for the best shopping hack I have been able to find. There are more shopping hacks out there but I find these to be the best return on time for saving money when shopping online.

The first hack is to use incognito mode when shopping. If you haven’t realized already, all your movements online are being tracked. We live in an age where marketers are having an absolute field day with the wealth of information that they have at their disposal. So it should come as no surprise that eliminating some cookies will have some differences on the prices that you see when shopping online.

The second hack is to add items to your shopping cart but do not check out yet. The reason for this is the rise of cart-abandonment apps. This allows retailers to see who added items to their cart but did not check out. Most retailers want to retain your business and will often send you coupons and discount code to complete the sale. Now this usually requires the retailer to have you logged in so they have your email so beware of price inflation tricks as well.

The third hack for saving money on everything when shopping online is Google Image Search. The way this works is you use google’s algorithm to determine where else the image of your item appears online. You can find other retailers selling the same item and often find cheaper prices this way. I’ve included screenshots below to demonstrate.

Best Shopping Hack Demonstration

save money on everything when shopping online wayfair
save money on everything when shopping online google
save money on everything when shopping online overstock

As you can see, I found a piece of art that I liked on Wayfair. I simple right-clicked and did a google image search for the image they are using for the product. I was able to find the same item on Overstock saving $24.52. This was the cheapest option for the item I was able to find online. It is important when you are doing this to make sure there aren’t major differences in shipping charges. This can often offset the money you save when looking at different websites.

Save Money On Everything When Shopping Online

No matter what tricks you use to help you save money it is important to do your research. The internet is capitalism at its finest, everyone is out there trying to make money or save money. It is our responsibility to be informed consumers and make educated decisions around the items that we are buying. This is how you are going to save money on everything when shopping online.

Do you have any other tips or tricks that you use to save money online? Let me know in the comment below and maybe I’ll do a follow up post about all your best tricks!

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