If you’ve been following along you may have noticed that I haven’t been very active on social media or the blog recently. I apologize to everyone for my sudden disappearance. There were a few things going on that have distracted me in recent months from spending the time that I feel is necessary to give you guys the quality content you deserve. Let me fill you in on what happened the past couple months.

I'm Back

Social Media Cleanse

One of the first things I did at the end of the last year was take a social media cleanse. I had recently gone through some changes with my personal relationships and realized my mental health wasn’t being made a priority. I was too busy trying to keep up with the Jones’ and it was draining me mentally. The pandemic has taken a toll on all of us mentally but the social isolation in combination with social media was beating me down in a way I have not experienced recently. I knew I needed to change something. So I decided to experiment with just taking a single month from all social media and seeing where that left me. I am proud to say that I am currently doing much better. I haven’t reactivated my Facebook or Instagram, but I have been slowly picking back up on Twitter. Recently, I have also discovered the world of TikTok and man is that stuff addicting. 

I think I will probably keep off Facebook for the time being, but I may continue with Instagram for business purposes only. I am not sure, and this will be decision I probably make in a few months as I get other things back on track.

The Pandemic Caught Up to Me

After my November social media cleanse stint, the pandemic finally caught up to me. I began feeling unwell, with flu like symptoms, the first week of December. So I went and got tested and it turns out I had caught Covid. I am still around people during my day job and I have a suspicion that is where I caught it. Thankfully, no one else at my job got sick but I did go to the hospital for one night with a 104 fever. After about two weeks I was starting to feel better, no fever and the coughing began to subside. However, I was still feeling sluggish and had a tremendous amount of shortness of breath. This lasted until right before Christmas when I went back to the doctors and tested negative for Covid but they discovered I had contracted Pneumonia during this. No surprise considering, I was essentially in bed for two weeks coughing up phlegm and feeling terrible.

The shortness of breath during this time period was so bad that I couldn’t walk up the stairs without needing to sit down for a few minutes. This lasted until roughly the second week of January. It was the third week of January when I finally returned to my job, but the lingering effects lasted until roughly the middle of February. I still have been experiencing some shortness of breath during our cold days and during physical exercise but other than that I am feeling much better.

Looking Into the Eyes of Burnout

One of the things that I have realized over 2020 is that I need to be more deliberate with my time and energy. I tend to try and take on too many projects at once and this ends up coming back to bite me in the rear end. As the first quarter comes to a close in 2021, I have been making a deliberate effort to be more conscientious with my time and effort.

At the end of 2020 I was truly running on fumes. I was staring into the eyes of burnout and realizing that it was coming for me. Before I cleaned up my workspace at the end of the year, I had piles of documents and ideas that I wanted to accomplish, a lot of them left half baked. This is usually one of the most common downfalls of any project and something I am looking to avoid. I want to spend time where it is needed and will have the best return on my investment. Therefore, I am returning to you, readers of this blog. I have met several incredible people through this blog that I believe are really doing some great things. I have also learned a lot through my peers in this community. This all brings me to my next and final point.

The Way Forward

Since March is officially here, I am making a public commitment to not let another month go by that this blog does need to receive some form of an update. I am hoping to keep things much more frequent than that, with at least 1 post per week. I am also going to be returning to my Twitter account over at @Cavemillionaire. If you would like to stop by and say hi, my DMs are open.

As the economy and the world progresses and the world starts to get back to normal, I am also thinking about starting a short video series. I want to explore how people of different socioeconomic backgrounds budget and what they spend their money on. If that’s something you have any ideas about let me know.

Also, I am thinking about starting a TikTok, it certainly seems to be exploding in popularity and might be a good way to diversify the information in the blog with shorter formats. If you have a TikTok leave your handle below.

Thank you all for your patience, this post was a long time coming. I am looking forward to getting back in the saddle and getting some good information out to everyone. I hope everyone is staying healthy and we will be in touch  real soon.