Meet Will

I am looking to change how the world talks about money, one step at a time.

After spending nearly a decade in retail and commercial banking it is time to bring my expertise to a larger audience. I’ve given financial literacy presentations at over a dozen different colleges, several high schools and elementary school. I also have developed specialized presentations for local groups such as Men’s and Women’s clubs, Investment clubs, Networking groups and Job Fairs. I have also had the opportunity to speak at unemployment offices, benefits fairs and focus groups. I am looking to use the knowledge that I have developed over the course of my career to change how we, as a society, talk about money.

About Me

I owe a lot of my behaviors and mannerisms to the way that I was raised. We grew up in a relatively stable middle class section of New Jersey. My parents emphasized the importance of teamwork and leadership as developed through sports. My father in particular made sure my two brothers and I were all involved with Boy Scouts to teach the importance of community, self-reliance and giving back. I would like to think without them I would not be the man I am today.

  • Life-long Boy Scout
  • Johns Hopkins CTY Honors Recepient
  • College Drop-Out
  • Trained and Proven Leader
  • Not The Best at Bullet-Lists

My Financial Journey

Credit Journey

I started building credit as soon as I was 18. I was actually 17 when I left to go away for college, turning 18 after being there for a month. Before I went to college my mom sat down with me and explained how much I will need to take in student loans based off of the scholarships I had. She then went and showed me how much it would be if I did not maintain the GPA required for my scholarships. At this point I wasn’t too phased but then she broke down how much my monthly payments would be and how long they would last for. This was the real eye opening part. I then began planning my credit journey because I knew I wanted to buy a house before I turned 25. This is harder than imagined given I live in HCOL area. Thankfully I was able to accomplish this goal thanks to a great understanding of credit.

Savings Journey

Given the aforementioned goal of buying a house at 25, I also had and still have some pretty stringent savings goals. While I was living with my parents and working full-time I had a goal to save at least half of my take home pay. This allowed me to build up a sizable down payment in addition to buying my previous car. Now that I have a mortgage and household responsibilities my savings rate has taken a hit. I bought the house in March of last year. I spent the spring and most of the summer fixing the place up and moved in right around July of 2019. Now that I have spent a year in the house and have stopped throwing money at fixing things I am floating right around a 35-40% savings rate.

Investment Journey

I began investing for the first time when I was 20. I started with a boring Roth IRA invested in index funds. The first time I started an individual brokerage was when I was 21. I experimented with several different apps including Stash, Acorns, Robinhood, Motif, Fundrise and M1. I found that what worked for me best is going with a main street brokerage, in my case Schwab, for my long term holdings and Robinhood for more of my speculative plays. I contribute to my Roth 401k through work and continue maxing out my Roth IRA as well.